Oct - 2016   York's Valencia Ballroom Reopening November 1
  Sept - 2014   Kinsley Properties Finds Success in the Healthcare Community
  April - 2014   Kinsley Properties to Develop in North York
  Feb - 2014   Kinsley Properties Leases to BJ's Wholesale in Chambersburg, PA
  Oct - 2013   Columbia Gas Selected Kinsley Properties for New Office and Service Center
  July - 2013   Kinsley Properties Expanding Available Properties
  May - 2013   Kinsley Properties to Complete Veterans Admin. Showcase Medical Facility
  January - 2013   147,630 sq. ft. Available In New Building
  October - 2012   Office and Industrial Space Available in York, PA
  July - 2012   Kinsley Properties Extends Thanks to Brokerage Community in July
  June - 2012   Kinsley Properties Extends Thanks to Brokerage Community
  May - 2012   Kinsley Properties Exceeds Leasing Expectations - Poised for Growth
  Oct - 2011   New Development in Aberdeen, MD, New Leasing at Waterloo Crossing
  July - 2011   Newly Adapted Building Codes Will Affect New Warehouses
  March - 2011   Kinsley Properties Working Harder Than Ever to Keep Properties Occupied
  Aug - 2010   Kinsley Properties Prepares for the Future with Planning New Projects